something blue.

Inspired by the wedding venue and the fresh bridal bouquet that I was playing with a few days this week, I found myself reaching for the one polish that really got me back into nail polish.  I guess it was all due to a craving that I had in high school for the difficult-t0-acquire pastel nail polishes that only seemed to come in the then out-of-my-high-school-budget Hard Candy brand.  I sated that craving by choosing OPI’s What’s With the Cattitude? from their Shrek collection last year despite typically sticking to really traditional pearlized or pale pink hues for my nails on the off chance I got a manicure.  I felt the need to own it after taking the plunge and trying it.  Somehow that experience really opened the floodgates for owning numerous bottles of nail polish starting with a range of pastels.

There’s a bit of a bright punchiness to this pastel blue, and I always figured that it would be a great “something blue” for a wedding color so I pulled it out of its hibernation for the occasion. I had managed to forget what a pain pastels were to apply since last spring and summer, and this was no exception.  I spent some time leering at two coats wondering if the third would even it out, so I ended up thickening the third coat to some satisfaction.  I accented a nail on each hand with the grey-tinged vibrant peacocky cobalt Suzi Says Feng Shui.  For some reason, I feel like I ended up with a strangely gloopy bottle, however, and it shows.  I haven’t been as liberal with the thinner as I probably should have with this bottle, but it really needs it.

I enjoy these colors together especially against crisp wedding whites and springy greens.  Cattitude blue is reminiscent of an idealized vibrant blue sky which I feel I’ve been experiencing lately as spring unfurls itself, and I like the extra punch of Feng Shui to liven the palette up a bit more.


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