oxidized cantaloupe.

I spent a lot of time searching for what I felt was the perfect creamy pastel orange.  It felt difficult to find the shade I pictured in my head since most of the colors I found in this range were a lot more saturated or ended up looking a lot pinker than I wanted.  I settled in on Essie’s Cantaloupe to fill that niche in my collection.  It feels more true to what I imagine a peachy pastel orange should be.  It’s a nice, chic shade that has just a little bit of something extra to keep it interesting while still being a subtle manicure color.  This is three thin coats, and application was pretty much on par with any other pastel polish out there.

I came across a creamy pale yellow dumpster with some nice oxidation that made a similar, yet subtle background to the nice tangy brightness of the Cantaloupe color.  They are colors that I wouldn’t have necessarily thought to pair, but i like the combination especially with the skintone.

Of course, what kind of blue-grey obsessed person would I be if I weren’t trying to throw in a splash of one of my favorite pairing hues to really bring the color palette home?  The pastel complementary colors work in a really soothing manner while bringing out the best of each other.


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