precocious purple.

I was searching for something really bright to pair with a nice layer of Nubar 2010 flakies, and decided I was pretty freshly intrigued with Essie’s perky purple. The idea of a neon purple itself is sort of perplexing since to get that buzzy neon saturation it seems like a purple is going to end up leaning pink in hue, and this was no exception.  In fact these images ended up looking quite a bit more pink than I felt they did in real life, but that is because the sun really brought out the pink brightness of the color.  Still, it’s a lot more interesting and a bit of a chameleon than a standard pink neon would be.

As neons tend to do, this color ends up quite matte on the nail, but with a layer of Nubar 2010 and Poshe topcoat, it obviously ended up quite glossy.  On the other hand, the wear on this was deplorable.  This is actually the second attempt at this manicure merely for the purpose of taking pictures of it.  Both times I had giant chips in the polish that began hours after application.  I used my trusty basecoat and everything and have never had a problem to this extent with any of my other polishes.  I don’t know if it’s the fact that it’s matte or Essie or both or a bad combo with everything, but the wear was really awful which is a shame since it’s such a nice combination and I’m rather fond of the uniqueness of the color.

The combination of the firey flakies which shift from deep orange to yellowish green on the bright neon background made me think of the playfulness of graffiti and the flaking layers of paint, so that became my setting for this polish.  You can see how the flakies come alive even more in the shade as they catch and bend the subtle moments of light revealing their full rainbow capabilities.  If you can catch it all the way at an angle, the green really shines through.  It’s quite a fun manicure to stare at.  Too bad it doesn’t stick around for very long!


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