Thinking of Blu

An artform I’ve greatly enjoyed experimenting with lately is vector drawing.  There’s something I really enjoy about the tedious process of organizing and separating an image into colors.  It really forces you to make decisions since the style I’ve been using allows each section to be only one color, so you have to create the illusion of blending, shading, and highlighting with single color selections.

My most recent illustration was my betta fish, of course.  His name is BluBo which was an unintentional,  silly riff on the former betta fish named BoBo that ended up sticking.  It’s been interesting watching his colors change as he has aged.  He was once a very vivid and iridescent teal green with  some slight red accents, but he’s become deeper blue and the red is only visible in certain lights.  Even still, depending on the lighting his former green-tinged iridescence can still be perceived.

I poured a bunch of work into this illustration in a short amount of time because I wanted it to be incorporated into a valentine’s day card.  I’m still pleased with the way it came out, and I hope to work with a more dynamically colored image of him next time to keep studying his range of colors.

As I was transferring the final image, I noticed the inverted color palette in hues of fiery orange as I highlighted certain areas.  I was amused at the thought of BluBo masquerading as a goldfish and figured it would be interesting in this instance to completely invert the colors to see the result.

Outside of the fact that his face being formed in shades of white instead of black  forces the image to lose much needed shading, I was pretty amused and intrigued with the totally different color palette.  Maybe I could rework some of the colors for a better result, but I was amused to see the 180, and thought you might be curious to see it as well.  I wish I could say I was amused with the inverse of the color palette selection, but this set of colors I selected doesn’t incorporate the goldfish feel as much.  Still, these colors work surprisingly well as a warm, sunny savannah-like palette on their own.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. April
    Feb 16, 2012 @ 22:32:21

    I love this so much!!


  2. miremusings
    Feb 17, 2012 @ 00:18:04

    Blu or Ulb?



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