I’ve always had a variety of scattered interests, but the common thread that seems to hold many of them together is my love of color and color palettes.  A recent rediscovery in my life was nail polish.  I love the finishes and the huge selection of colors to choose from as well as my ability to wear them in any combination that I desire and change them as my mood fits.  I love how they are marketed by seasons and reflect fashion trends.  I love how they work in their own individual collections and within a theme.

I also love the kind of paint you can apply to a canvas.  My recent desire is to learn to control temperamental watercolors and gouaches.  I’ve always been drawn to water, and I love the moody drips and subtle layering that the water-soluble medium can display.  I hope to explore this avenue of interests and create many palettes with the flick of a brush.

I occasionally enjoy other creative endeavors as well such as makeup, jewelry-making and costume design, so as they occur, I hope to document them as well.  I want to explore my different interests and share the colors that move me here with you.

My companion food musings site can be located here:



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