Thinking of Blu

An artform I’ve greatly enjoyed experimenting with lately is vector drawing.  There’s something I really enjoy about the tedious process of organizing and separating an image into colors.  It really forces you to make decisions since the style I’ve been using allows each section to be only one color, so you have to create the illusion of blending, shading, and highlighting with single color selections.

My most recent illustration was my betta fish, of course.  His name is BluBo which was an unintentional,  silly riff on the former betta fish named BoBo that ended up sticking.  It’s been interesting watching his colors change as he has aged.  He was once a very vivid and iridescent teal green with  some slight red accents, but he’s become deeper blue and the red is only visible in certain lights.  Even still, depending on the lighting his former green-tinged iridescence can still be perceived.

I poured a bunch of work into this illustration in a short amount of time because I wanted it to be incorporated into a valentine’s day card.  I’m still pleased with the way it came out, and I hope to work with a more dynamically colored image of him next time to keep studying his range of colors.



effortless emerald.

For my St. Patrick’s Day manicure, I wanted a nice emerald green with a little something extra.  I don’t have many greens for some reason, so I picked up Wet N Wild’s Sagreena the Teenage Witch while I was at the drugstore.  While I was pleased with the emerald green shimmer, I knew I wanted something a little more exciting to top it off with.  A few days later, I was scouring Sally’s clearance rack for fun and I came across a much reduced bottle of China Glaze’s Zombie Zest which I’ve always been curious about.  After purchasing it, I curiously tested a thin layer of it over the existing emerald green and I was thrilled at the result.  The eerie, murky green glass flecks of Zest added a meadow-reminiscent idyllic depth to the deep green base.

The featured sculpture is a vintage flower frog for flower arranging that I picked up at an antique store.  I love the color and the whimsical design of a nude woman riding a fish on stylized, cresting waves.  She’d probably be worth more if she weren’t broken, but alas, she was in such a condition when I purchased her.  It reminds me of the porcelain people in the Wizard of Oz who were afraid to run for fear of falling and breaking and never being the same due to the cracks the irrevocable damage would cause.  I happen to find her enchanting all the same.