Something I’ve been slowly getting really interested in is experimenting with makeup in more extreme ways.  This experimentation started to gain some depth last Halloween when I was using every chance I could get to try something outside of the norm.  This zombie look was for a zombie walk where a very large group of people get together and walk in a big zombie mob through the city.  It’s a fantastic idea and I was looking forward to doing my own take on zombification.  The creepy part was when the group disbanded and I ended up with my friend also in zombie makeup in the middle of the city.  Suddenly, outside of the group and by ourselves, we were a bit more conspicuous.  A few people seriously thought we’d just wandered off from an accident.  That might have been the most amusing part of the day.

For my makeup, I wanted to go for more of a freshly dead zombie with lots of crusty blood and sunken in features.  I ended up seeing my existing makeup differently.  I purchased some Ben Nye white cake makeup and the monster palette for the base, but I used a lot of matte eyeshadows, random eye pencils, and lots of various everyday makeup I have accumulated to flesh out the look.  I dusted off this really old Alice costume from American McGee’s Alice video game that I’ve had probably for about 10 years and added it into the mix.  It was somewhat convenient since I’d already put some blood stains on it years ago.

For the record, I wasn’t laying on anyone’s grave.  Those were oddly positioned on an elevated platform that happened to be the perfect height for a background.