lacquer & watercolor: cattitude and chopsticking

Another color I have always really liked is OPI’s Chopsticking to  my Story from their spring 2010 Hong Kong collection.  It’s a bold rusty orange that treads the line between being richly saturated and somehow subdued enough to be warm and sophisticated and not overly vivid like orange has a tendency to be.  I feel a broad spectrum of colors from this shade and felt as if it is able to leak rusty brown that fades into yellow hues onto the paper.



up close

I find myself quite often with my  nose more or less pressed up in the paper and my breath pushing the wet color around a little bit.  It’s always a little disorienting to see things from this perspective and then step back and look at the painting again when you’ve been intimate with each individual drip that encompassed most of your view.

In that regard, the following pictures are more of an accurate portrayal of what the previous painting looks like in my memory.


for Neptune.

In honor of the many evenings in high school that I spent replicating Sailor Moon imagery and the moments in class doodling more Sailor Moon symbols and doodles on many notes to pass in the hall, I decided to revisit my past while experimenting in the world of watercolor and gouache.  I made this as a Christmas present for my best friend from high school who came to discover, adore, and obsess over the unique stylings of Japanese animation at the same time I did.

I’ve always thought that a portion of the beauty lies in the process, so I also decided to document some of the layers and the transformation of my workspace as the image revealed itself.